DARA JOHNSTON (18) sits in a police interrogation room. She always wanted to be somebody else, but she never wanted to kill and die for it.

Abandoned by her parents, Dara is destitute until she learns street smarts from BREE, a middle class junkie. The two fall for each other as they rob Johns. When a robbery goes awry, they are thrown into juvenile detention where their relationship strengthens as they clean up their acts. Bree turns eighteen and is released first, and when Dara is finally released on her eighteenth birthday, she needs to reconnect with Bree, now living across the country.

Lacking the funds and her parole officer’s permission, Dara nonetheless sets off to be with Bree. Dara hitches a ride with RYAN (late-20s), an attractive hustler, and HEATHER (21), a rich party girl. When Dara finds herself in the middle of Ryan’s schemes, she becomes entangled in the hustler’s plot and winds up trapped in a police interrogation room impersonating Heather.